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“Education is the key to opportunity. It’s a ticket out of poverty.”
(G. H. W. Bush)




We from WEHAF are looking to find sponsors for our children in need.

WEHAF is here to support children and allow school education. We have a day care for some children of our mothers who work with us but real school education is very expensive for the people here in Tanzania/Arusha.

All the children we encourage come from very poor conditions. It is often a combination of broken family situations and the lack of money that they cannot be sent to school which would necessarily be a big advantage for their future.

Single mothers have a hard life in Tanzania. They don’t have a stable income, which is normally earned by men here. As an answer they try to open a business (e.g. selling fruits at the markets). For this they would need a capital with enough money to buy the products to be able to sell it. But often the families can’t even afford this capital. So they have no possibility to work or get a job to earn any money to send their kids to school or at least manage their family life.

Therefor WEHAF wants to help these families in need to enable school education for their children to have a better chance in life. With a better education the children will get the possibility of having a good job in their future to manage their life.

We prepared profiles of all our kids which you can receive via email upon request (

After deciding to sponsor a child you will get a contract and a confirmation. Moreover, you will always stay informed about your sponsor child and how he or she will grow in school and in daily life.

You can choose if you want to pay monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually. You also can choose if you want to send your sponsor child either in a private or a public school. School will start immediately after your first donation.



If you are interested in our sponsorship program or you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.



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Facebook: Widows Encouragement & HIV / AIDS Foundation

Private School in Arusha

Total costs: € 58 / month;
The school fee is € 50 a month, including food at school and transport.
Because children are growing, they need a new uniform every year (€ 50) and shoes and stationary (€ 46). So the total is € 696 a year, or € 58 a month.


Languages in school: English & Swahili;

They have playtime and sports during school;

They go on school trips;

They start at the age of 3 years and go for 7 years;

Prospects: they will learn English, which is very important for their future life to continue with secondary education (secondary school is in English) and find jobs later on in life (e.g. tourism sector);

There are 15 - 30 children in a classroom.

Public School in Arusha

Total costs: € 15 / month, including transport, food at school, a school uniform, shoes and stationary;

Language in school: Swahili;

Starts at the age of 5 years (Public school doesn't have any possibility to take care of the younger children). It lasts for 7 years;

Unfortunately, there can be 100 children in a classroom. Also, they don't have English classes. This is a problem, because secondary school is in English. This is why we always recommend private school. However, a few children on our list had already started public school, and they can't change schools halfway. This is why we're also looking for sponsors for public school. Because of course, public school is much better than no school at all!

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