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We build a NEW MAMA CENTRE in Africa ...

... together with you!


Become A Part Of Us!

Giving opportunities a home: There are many women in Tanzania who were abandoned by their husbands, deprived of their economic livelihood, widowed by HIV or simply fell ill themselves - individual fates all leading to tragedy if there is no place for a new beginning. We are creating that place, a place where affected women are taught to help themselves: WEHAF urgently needs a new "Mama Center" - and we will build it together with you!

On the outskirts of the Tanzanian city Arusha, a permanently suitable Mama Center is finally to be built after several forced resettlements- brick by brick. A fenced-in plot of land will start to grow into a central contact point and teaching facility. Here, affected women will be taught everything they need to know for a self-determined future for their children and themselves.


The History Of WEHAF

Since its establishment in 2017, the WEHAF Foundation has continued to support women in need who are in need of urgent assistance. Women, literally left with nothing, receive elementary help in the provisional "Mama Center" premises of the national NGO: from food packages for emergency care to educational courses on health, nutrition and HIV prevention to practical sewing courses and simple English lessons for a change into economic independence.


Building The Future Of Women

Briefly: The "Mama Center" is the foundation for a more dignified and self-determined life for hundreds of women and their children in Tanzania.
With your contribution to constructing a new, permanent building, you are directly „building“ the future of motivated women who deserve a chance just as much as we do.


100% Of Donations For The  New Mama Center

100 percent of your donations flow directly into the project "Building a new Mama Center". Individual construction stages news and pictures will be regularly posted on our homepage and Instagram. The aim is to inaugurate the premises in summer 2024. The names of the donors will be engraved on a plaque at the entrance.


The People Behind The Project

WEHAF is a national NGO founded and led by Theresia Mollel (Thedy) - the "super mama" and heart of the organization.


The project "Building a new Mama Center" is managed in Arusha by Thedy and supported by Meike who has been working in the real estate industry in Germany for 20 years. Meike spent 6 months in Arusa working as a volunteer for WEHAF and returned to Germany in April 2023.


What We Have Achieved So Far

  • A piece of land of 800 sqm located in Arusha/the suburb Njiro/Moshono was bought in December 2022.

  • The building permit for the construction has been granted by the Arusha City Council in May 2023.

  • The change of usage procedure has been successfully finalized to convert the usage of the plot from "residential" into "office/commercial" in June 2023.

  • In December 2023 we started with the construction.

  • So far we collected approx. 40% of the calculated construction budget and spent 25% of it (as of March 2024)

  • See the progress in pictures and movies - klick here:

Construction Is Progressing Well And We Are Getting Closer To Achieving Our Goal - Building The Urgently Needed NEW MAMA CENTER - Together With You!

We Are Happy About Every Donation -
How You Can Support:

Donation Information:

Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE55 8306 5408 0005 3011 73

German donars who would like to receive a donation receipt ("Spendenquittung") for the tax office, please write an E-Mail to:


You can also donate via the GoFundMe platform

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