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The mothers at the mama center receive sewing lessons every day. They sew all kinds of different products with Kitenge. Kitenge is a fabric you will find everywhere in Tanzania. It is a very popular fabric because of all its beautiful patterns. Kitenge is most commonly used to make clothing but it is also used for furniture and carpets. Anyone who wears Kitenge is considered beautiful, so what are you waiting for? Stop by WEHAF and get your own clothes or accessories made by our mama's! 


If you are interested in our products or want to know more about the possibilities, we are happy to help you! We can also join you to the fabric market to make sure you will have the perfect fabric for your own WEHAF tailored clothing or accessory. Give us a call or text and we will answer your questions or will arrange a visit to the centre for you. Together we will make sure you will go home with your own unique and personal Tanzanian items!

Theresia Mollel (founder and director)

+255 754 966 601

We use many different types of Kitenge. The products shown above are examples. We may have different patterns present in the mama center than shown in the pictures.

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catalogue 2.png
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